If you contact me via IM for support, please include as much information as possible in your initial message. I’m not logged into SL 24/7 but I do receive offline messages via e-mail. You may also contact me via notecard or e-mail if you prefer.

If you experience a failed delivery in-world, please send me your transaction information in a notecard or e-mail and I will send you a replacement.

If you place an order via SL Marketplace and it has not delivered in a timely fashion, please check the order status in your Marketplace order history. In the event of a failed delivery from Marketplace, you should be reimbursed automatically within 24 hours. If the item is marked delivered but does not show up in your inventory after clearing viewer cache and relogging, please contact me with your Marketplace order number for a replacement.

Amyla Wakowski-Swindlehurst (amyla.wakowski)

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