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Originally, I’d planned to wait until the end of the year to make any big decisions about land and the shop but RL has other plans, clearly. I knew having a baby would mean I’d probably need to cut back on SL expenses, but RL has also been a bit unkind and is forcing a decision sooner than I had hoped. (Okay, reading that over, it sounds kind of ominous, but the baby is fine so far! I just need to seriously cut back on everything non-essential and SL hobbies are on the chopping block.)

For now, I’m planning to maintain The Hidey Spot location at Pulse, but ultimately will probably transition to only being on SL Marketplace with news only posted to the store blog rather than sent via subscription list. (It would hardly be fair to send subscribers in-world messages if I couldn’t leave the kiosk rezzed somewhere for them to unsubscribe at will!) How soon I make the transition will depend on how RL goes.


Wear Gray 2012

The Hidey Spot is part of Wear Gray For A Day‘s 2012 event and we have three items available at the market, two in donation vendors and one as a hunt prize. The event ends April 22nd.

Wear Gray For A Day Market

::: Donation Vendor Items :::

[ths] gry [Czol2-F] basic (nm/c/nt)

[ths] gry [Czol2-M] basic (nm/c/nt)

Free demos are available. Each pack is L$400 (100% donation).

Brow options (male and female skins):
blk = black brows
none = no brows
wht = white brows

Nail options (male and female skins):
blk = black nails
nat = natural nails

Breast options (female skins only):
A = shaded for larger breasts
B = shaded for smaller breasts
C = cleavage shading for larger breasts

The Czol2 male skins also feature slightly different abdominal shading than the original Czol-M line. The other differences between Czol (and Zarffyn, which was an offshoot of Czol-F) and Czol2 are some little adjustments to details that probably no one will notice as much as the person that’s been staring at the texture files up close for as long as I did last month.

I’m planning to release more Czol2 skins in some of the more colorful skin tones later on, but don’t know yet how soon that will happen because RL has been hugely distracting for me lately. Also, I am a slacker. I think you all know this about me by now though! >.>

::: Hunt Item :::

[ths] pale [Vera] wrath (nm/c/nt)

Breast options:
A = shaded for larger breasts
B = shaded for smaller breasts
C = cleavage shading for larger breasts

Need a hint? Up, up, up!

Hunt items are L$10 each (100% donation). You can check out more hunt items here:

Happy Halloween!

Just sent this out to the subscription group:

[ths] pale [Vera] hallowed


Other credits:

Hair: elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu – Breeze – Black 03
Eyes: poetic colors by Lano Ling – new line preview – grey sky
Necklace: Balderdash by Saiyge Lotus – Bit of Fire Necklace
Pose: {TERHO} by Sakuradawn Lei – {TERHO} The Jeweler Necklace A


Free*Style‘s turning 4, they’re having a partay, we’re all invited! Okay, well, really they asked lots of friends if they’d like to participate in a special shopping event to celebrate the anniversary. That event is 4.44.444, where all the items are just L$4, L$44 or L$444. The event opens today, October 1st, as of noon SLT and runs through October 14th.

I was super-excited to be invited to participate in this event, as I’ve loved the Free*Style blog, shops and peeps a long time. Big love to Sileny and Eden for all the planning and participant wrangling, and thanks to all the sponsors for making it look fantastic!

The Hidey Spot has three items at the event:

[ths] pale & honey [Vera] champagne, L$44

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] polychrome, L$4

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] aperture, L$4

Demos are available from the little demo box tacked on the Vera champagne vendor frame.

As with any event with the potential for lots of traffic, please remember to detach as many scripted items as possible before teleporting to the event space, and then please step away from the landing point when you arrive.

Teleport to 4.44.444!


Other credits:
Pose: Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson) – [LAP] – BG2-Barbie14 PR4
Hair (Vera): fashionably dead (Toast Bard) – Twins – Tree
Hair (Zarffyn): elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu) – Novel – White 05, Black 04
Eyes (Vera): Shine (Brandy Rasmuson) – Garden City ForgetMeNot
Eyes (Zarffyn): Ibanez (Annie Ibanez) – ColorGlow – Ruin
Lashes (Vera): Miriel (Miriel Enfield) – Lashes – Natural

Zarffyn fleurs, 50% off Czol

It has been far too long since we last said hello, hasn’t it? We have not completed work on all the projects slowly simmering in our hermitage, but we do have something new and a sale on something older for you today.

::: Zarffyn fleurs :::

We have something newish! More makeups for Zarffyn:

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] fleurs
female skins in one skin tone (gry), three makeup colors, black nail polish (fingers and toes), two breast options, two brow colors

::: 50% off Czol :::

We’ve marked down all the original Czol skins 50% off in anticipation of new, improved skins. The sale will last now through whenever we finally get the new skins released (which at our glacial working pace could be an epoch).

Aside from the dollarbie pale [Faery] rosa skin still available at Free*Style on Lloyd sim (and now available with a few of my other current Free*Style dollarbies on SL Marketplace), the Faery skins have been retired. There will be tattoo layers when we have satisfactorily conquered tattoos, but gosh, we are sloooooow at these things.

The Hidey Spot @ Pulse
The Hidey Spot @ SL Marketplace


Other credits:
Hair (background): Maitreya (Piper II – Charcoal)
Hair & flower (headshots): Elikatira (Novel – Black 04)
Eyes (background): Ibanez (ColorGlow – Ruin)
Eyes (headshots): Shine (Garden City – ForgetMeNot)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Clothing: Whippet & Buck (Frilly Little Set STRIPED MORNING HAZE)
Poses from {TERHO} (formerly Lazy Places), by Sakuradawn Lei ❤

Garden City Relief

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the terrible earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, recently. A bunch of amazing folks have put together a fundraising effort in Second Life with all proceeds going to charity.

I intended to participate at the event space but RL had other plans and I didn’t get all my ducks in a proper row to actually do that. (Update: Shelly got me squared away! \o/ I will stop being so emopants now.)

So! You should go to the event space with the astounding array of items from folks who didn’t spend most of the past week all grogged out on cold medicine.

Garden City Relief — Help for Earthquake Victims

You can read more about the event and see some of the vendor pics here: Garden City Relief of Second Life


gry [Zarffyn] skin with green eye shadow, cateye liner, green lipstick; L$50


all tones (pale, honey, cocoa) [Vera] skin with green eyeshadow, cateye liner, green lipstick; L$75


special discounted pack of all grn [Czol] skins, male and female, both lip stripe and unmarked versions; L$150


I’d initially rezzed my own scripted vendors (that sent 100% to the event avatar, GardenCityRelief Resident) at The Hidey Spot @ Pulse; I’ve replaced those with displays with the landmark giver for the event now. ❤


Other credits:
Hair & Flower (Zarffyn, Vera): elikatira (Novel – White 05, Black 04, Brown 08)
Hair (Czol): Schadenfreude (Thom); fashionably dead (Twins – Nothingness)
Eyes (Zarffyn): Ibanez (ColorGlow Eyes – Ruin)
Eyes (Vera): poetic colors (autumn eyes – tarn)
Eyes (Czol): negaposi (Dreaming Eyes – Gold)
Lashes (Vera, Czol): Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Necklace (Zarffyn, Vera): Miriel (Secret Necklace – Gold/Mandarin Garnet)
Shirt (Zarffyn, Vera): silent sparrow (ribbon top redux – sunny)
Shirt (Czol): League (Garage Shirt – White)
Vest (Zarffyn): Deviance (Pirate Mate)
Skirt (Zarffyn): Zaara (Trishna print skirt – sunset)

Poses (Zarffyn, Vera): Glitterati
Poses (Czol): Long Awkward Pose

Zarffyn crimson

The subscription group got a free taste of this earlier this week, but now the gry [Zarffyn] crimson skins are now available for anyone to purchase on Marketplace. These gray-toned skins feature black winged eyeliner, red lipstick, black nails, two breast options, and two brow color options.
Other credits:

Outfit: Deviance (Demon’s Mistress (black & white)) *Lucky Cupcake prize*

Amyla (wht):
Hair: ploom (Ellia – Pearl)
Eyes: Ibanez (ColorGlow Eyes – Ruin)
Necklace: Schadenfreude (Wold Necklace) *Extend a Helping Hand item*

Apolline (blk):
Hair & Hairbase: LoQ Hairs (Tiramisu – Jet Black) *subscription group gift*
Eyes: Ibanez (Tranquil Eyes – Chipotle)

Headshots: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] – BG2-Barbie14 PR4)
Full: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] – Bolly6 P4)