Originally, I’d planned to wait until the end of the year to make any big decisions about land and the shop but RL has other plans, clearly. I knew having a baby would mean I’d probably need to cut back on SL expenses, but RL has also been a bit unkind and is forcing a decision sooner than I had hoped. (Okay, reading that over, it sounds kind of ominous, but the baby is fine so far! I just need to seriously cut back on everything non-essential and SL hobbies are on the chopping block.)

For now, I’m planning to maintain The Hidey Spot location at Pulse, but ultimately will probably transition to only being on SL Marketplace with news only posted to the store blog rather than sent via subscription list. (It would hardly be fair to send subscribers in-world messages if I couldn’t leave the kiosk rezzed somewhere for them to unsubscribe at will!) How soon I make the transition will depend on how RL goes.

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