Free*Style‘s turning 4, they’re having a partay, we’re all invited! Okay, well, really they asked lots of friends if they’d like to participate in a special shopping event to celebrate the anniversary. That event is 4.44.444, where all the items are just L$4, L$44 or L$444. The event opens today, October 1st, as of noon SLT and runs through October 14th.

I was super-excited to be invited to participate in this event, as I’ve loved the Free*Style blog, shops and peeps a long time. Big love to Sileny and Eden for all the planning and participant wrangling, and thanks to all the sponsors for making it look fantastic!

The Hidey Spot has three items at the event:

[ths] pale & honey [Vera] champagne, L$44

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] polychrome, L$4

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] aperture, L$4

Demos are available from the little demo box tacked on the Vera champagne vendor frame.

As with any event with the potential for lots of traffic, please remember to detach as many scripted items as possible before teleporting to the event space, and then please step away from the landing point when you arrive.

Teleport to 4.44.444!


Other credits:
Pose: Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson) – [LAP] – BG2-Barbie14 PR4
Hair (Vera): fashionably dead (Toast Bard) – Twins – Tree
Hair (Zarffyn): elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu) – Novel – White 05, Black 04
Eyes (Vera): Shine (Brandy Rasmuson) – Garden City ForgetMeNot
Eyes (Zarffyn): Ibanez (Annie Ibanez) – ColorGlow – Ruin
Lashes (Vera): Miriel (Miriel Enfield) – Lashes – Natural

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