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Zarffyn fleurs, 50% off Czol

It has been far too long since we last said hello, hasn’t it? We have not completed work on all the projects slowly simmering in our hermitage, but we do have something new and a sale on something older for you today.

::: Zarffyn fleurs :::

We have something newish! More makeups for Zarffyn:

[ths] gry [Zarffyn] fleurs
female skins in one skin tone (gry), three makeup colors, black nail polish (fingers and toes), two breast options, two brow colors

::: 50% off Czol :::

We’ve marked down all the original Czol skins 50% off in anticipation of new, improved skins. The sale will last now through whenever we finally get the new skins released (which at our glacial working pace could be an epoch).

Aside from the dollarbie pale [Faery] rosa skin still available at Free*Style on Lloyd sim (and now available with a few of my other current Free*Style dollarbies on SL Marketplace), the Faery skins have been retired. There will be tattoo layers when we have satisfactorily conquered tattoos, but gosh, we are sloooooow at these things.

The Hidey Spot @ Pulse
The Hidey Spot @ SL Marketplace


Other credits:
Hair (background): Maitreya (Piper II – Charcoal)
Hair & flower (headshots): Elikatira (Novel – Black 04)
Eyes (background): Ibanez (ColorGlow – Ruin)
Eyes (headshots): Shine (Garden City – ForgetMeNot)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Clothing: Whippet & Buck (Frilly Little Set STRIPED MORNING HAZE)
Poses from {TERHO} (formerly Lazy Places), by Sakuradawn Lei ❤